Bulletins From FATLAND
A new play by Shelley Herman Gillon

Nudes by
Barbara Strandt Moreland

SYNOPSIS: Bulletins from FATLAND is a darkly funny, sometimes shocking play about acceptance and redemption in the context of obesity, food obsession and body image. The "bulletins" are monologues by women of various shapes and sizes:

  • Sister Windy, a nun-cum-art-historian with a love of zaftig women

  • Earline, an African American minister, who discovers there's more to Hansel and Gretyl than the gingerbread house

  • Yoshiko, a female sumo wrestler with a strategic advantage

  • Marjorie, a Big Easy waitress with an appetite as huge as her dark secret

  • Sarah Jane, a chocoholic who redeems herself through yoga

  • Caroline, a society matron on the art of purging

  • Marianne, an exemplary wife powerless over her husband's eating

  • Irene, a Jewish Twelve-Stepper who fires the God of her ancestors

  • LaKeesha, an African American woman who appreciates every single thing about her body

  • Jennifer, in a panic over the "freshman fifteen" pounds she's gained during her first semester of college

  • Sree, an internist from India who discovers the reason for her nocturnal eating.


Bulletins from FATLAND is available in several packages:

  • One-woman show in one-act or full-length, running time: 63-78 minutes
  • Play for 3 to 11 actresses, running time 1 hour 23 minutes
  • Individual monologues are also available
  • Fundraiser — time, content and formats variable

As a special offer, the writer will craft a FATLAND-themed monologue to your specifications. For more information contact us at